Fixed 17


17 has dark purple eyes and lips. he has 10 white blocks with red borders and 7 rainbow blocks. he also has some paint splats on him.


Seventeen is a artistic painter who paints 17 of everything. he also knows the fact that another purpose of drawing is it to become later a masterpiece.


Friends: Other Numberblocks, Alphablocks, 9 Numberjacks, Orbot, Cubot, Bob Ward

Enemies: Terrible Twos, Robot X,Y and Z


  • Seventeen is currently the only Numberblock with paint splats on his blocks.
  • He is also the only Numberblock who is based on one of his digits: 7. Seven is rainbow-coloured, so that's why he likes to paint.
  • He can't paint 1 single thing. When he starts painting, he can't stop his hands until he finished the seventeenth painting.


"I am Seventeen! And I like to paint!"

"But I paint 17!"

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