17 Edit

seventeen is a prime number with a weird shape and 7 blobs of paint on his ten block.

Special Edit

17 loves painting because when kids turn 17 they usally get better at art. he gets his paint from his rainbow blocks. (not true)

Saying Edit

17 doesn't have a saying.

Family: Unnamed Uncle

Friends: The Numberblocks, The 9 Numberjacks, Orbot, Cubot , Big Tum, Eleven (Girlfriend)

Enemies: Terrible Twos, Robot X,Y and Z, The Random Guy, AV Bots , Internet trolls

Status: Alive

Seventeen Likes

  1. Eleven
  2. The Numberblocks
  3. The 9 Numberjacks
  4. Orbot
  5. Cubot
  6. Big Tum
  7. Eleven

Seventeen Hates

  1. Terrible Twos
  2. Robot X,Y and Z
  3. The Random Guy
  4. AV Bots
  5. Internet trolls
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