Appearence Edit

Eleven is made of ten white blocks and one red block with two red eyes, one twice the size as the other, red lips, green limbs, white socks, and dark green shoes.

Personality Edit

Being the number of players in a football team, she likes sports, especially football, and she is good at it. 

Trivia Edit

  • 11 is the Numberblocks counterpart of K, and they are probably friends.
  • Many people confused 11 with a boy, mainly due to the fact that most football players are male, the looks of her, and her eyes. This is, however, the earliest reveal that Eleven was actually a girl; Zero and Blockzilla came much later.
  • 11 was actually an easter egg in the Wrong Number, thus she's by far the second Numberblock not to debut in her eponymous episode, and the first one to be shown before she was actually shown.

Saying Edit

"I am 11! And I love football!"

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